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Catherine O'Mahony, Irma Grdzelidze, Tinatin Gabrichidze, and Wyn Morgan
2021 European Learning and Teaching Forum: Embedding and facilitating sustainability
Meeting skills and employability demands
Brussels, Belgium
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There has been an increased focus on employability in higher education for some time now. The definition of employability has extended beyond a narrow focus on equipping students for future jobs, to include transversal skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and social responsibility. These skills and mindsets will equip them to thrive in the world following graduation and to respond to broader societal challenges, as articulated in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The work of the EUA Learning & Teaching Thematic Peer Group on “Meeting skills and employability demands” is particularly relevant as it considers the related challenges and opportunities. In this session, the members of the group will outline the challenges relating to employability and share good practice examples to illuminate what is possible in a range of different higher education contexts. Session participants will discuss issues such as curricular interventions, employer engagement, approaches to co/extra-curricular activities, and student and societal needs. Diversity and inclusion, including equal opportunities for a diverse student body, will be also a penetrating issue in the discussions.