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Chang, Yu-Hao; Hao, Guangbo; Liu, Chien-Sheng
Sensors And Actuators A: Physical
Design and characterisation of a compact 4-degree-of-freedom fast steering mirror system based on double Porro prisms for laser beam stabilization
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Fast steer mirror Laser beam stabilization Voice coil motor 4 degree-of-freedom actuator Flexure structure
This paper proposes a 4-degree-of-freedom (DOF) actuator for a fast steer mirror (FSM) compensation system in order to compensate for 4-DOF laser errors. The mathematic system modeling was built to design and predict the performance of the proposed 4-DOF FSM. Finite element analysis was performed by using a commercial software to analyze the characteristics of the electromagnetic structure and mechanical structure for the proposed 4-DOF FSM. This study further verifies the properties of the proposed 4-DOF FSM by using a laboratory-built prototype. The proposed 4-DOF FSM has the travel range of 5 mrad and 0.04 mm along X and Y axes with accuracy of 0.025 mrad and 0.0012 mm and the bandwidth of rotational part and translational part are 10 Hz and 39 Hz, respectively.
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