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Egan S;Tobin M;Palmer B;Coffey A;Dahly D;Houghton C;Ó Carragáin E;Toomey E;Dockray S;Matvienko-Sikar K;
Hrb Open Research
Developing an open educational resource for open research: Protocol for the PaPOR TRAIL project.
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Background: Open research involves actions at all stages of the research cycle to make the research process and outputs more transparent and accessible. Though a number of initiatives exist for researchers at PhD, post-doctoral and more senior levels, there remains a critical need for educational resources for research students at earlier career stages and across disciplines. The aim of the Principles and Practices of Open Research: Teaching, Research, Impact, and Learning (PaPOR TRaIL) project is to develop an open educational resource (OER) on the principles and practice of open research for undergraduate and master's students. Methods: In stage 1, interviews and surveys of students and supervisors are being conducted to explore students' and supervisors' knowledge, attitudes, and experiences of open research, in addition to needs and preferences for the content and delivery of the OER. Stage 2 involves development of the OER content and delivery, based on Stage 1 engagement and national and international guidance on best practice in conducting and teaching open research. In Stage 3, students and supervisors will evaluate the developed OER and provide feedback in terms of OER usability, learning experience and learning outcomes. This feedback will guide revisions and finalisation of the OER content, format and learning activities. Discussion: The PaPOR TRaIL project will develop an evidence-based OER that provides a foundation in all aspects of open research theory & practice. Teaching undergraduate and master's students open research will promote development of core research values and equip them with transferable competencies and skills, including how to conduct and use research in a trustworthy and ethical manner within and beyond academia. Enhancing teaching and learning of open research will promote better teaching and research outcomes that will benefit individuals, universities, and science more broadly.
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