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Goodwin J;Saab MM;Dillon CB;Kilty C;McCarthy A;O'Brien M;Philpott LF;
Journal of Psychiatric Research
The use of film-based interventions in adolescent mental health education: A systematic review.
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Film-based interventions have been embraced by adolescents as educational tools, but their efficacy in mental health education remains under-explored. In this review, we systematically examined the use of film-based interventions in adolescent mental health education. A systematic review of the empirical literature was conducted using the following databases: Academic Search Complete, Education Full Text [H.W. Wilson], CINAHL Plus with Full Text, Humanities Full Text [H.W. Wilson], MEDLINE, APA PsycArticles, APA PsycInfo, Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection, Social Sciences Full Text [H.W. Wilson], Soc Index, ERIC. Risk of Bias were assessed using Version 2 of the Cochrane RoB tool for randomised trials (RoB2) or the Cochrane Collaboration Risk of Bias In Non-randomised Studies of Interventions (ROBINS-I). Ten peer-reviewed studies were included in this review. Film emerged as a promising education method for enhancing metal health literacy and reducing stigma. Mixed reports were found for improving attitudes towards help-seeking, with narrative-based films having a weaker effect on attitudes towards help-seeking when compared with more instructive approaches. No study focussed on resilience. This review highlights the utility and potential for film-based interventions in adolescent mental health education. Further research is warranted around how best to implement such interventions to engage adolescents.
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