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Adam Loughnane
Journal of Aesthetics and Phenomenology: Philosophy and Landscape, East and West. Vol.7, No.2
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The landscapes we live within play a vital role in all aspects of human life and have become an important locus of phenomenological analysis. Often, landscapes are venerated for their beauty, sublimity, or their sacred status. Others, those too close to notice, the mundane landscapes of our everyday lives, hide themselves and in so doing are no less (or perhaps more) important for determining how we are as human beings, how we move, perceive, imagine, and think, perhaps even how we philosophize. We find ourselves as earthbound beings among the landscapes of the sacred and the mundane, the elevated and the everyday, the visible and the invisible. Inquiring between and beyond these binaries, the Fall 2020 volume of the Journal of Aesthetics and Phenomenology will explore the various thinkers and artists East and West who have disclosed the rich potential of landscape for philosophy. Submissions are welcome from all philosophical approaches and traditions exploring any number of issues or debates relating to and expanding the philosophies and phenomenological analysis of aesthetic issues relating to landscape; including, landscape art, painting, sculpture, landscape gardens, representations in cinema, virtual landscapes, topics relating to landscape and territory, migration, pilgrimage, religion, boundaries/borders, geophilosophy, the environment, as well as philosophies of place, environmental aesthetics, and issues arising from intercultural dialogue on landscape art and aesthetics.
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