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E. Semple and Ronan Hatfull (Warwick)
Shakespeare Association of America
Designed, proposed, and convened seminar "Shakespearean Biofiction on the Stage and Screen"
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Dr Semple and Dr Hatfull designed, proposed, and convened the seminar "Shakespearean Biofiction on the Stage and Screen." This SAA 2021 seminar invited papers on Shakespearean biofiction on the stage and screen in any period, with a focus on adaptations and appropriations which critique and satirise his work and legacy. Topics addressed included Shakespearean biofiction and: stage versus screen media; contemporary adaptation; its historical origins; its social, cultural, or political uses; his characters, family, and associates; gender and sexuality; discourses of nationality; cultural capital; iconography; the literary biopic. See contributors' abstracts at: