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Helena Buffery
AHGBI Conference
The Trope of Transgenerational Transmission in the theatre of Victoria Szpunberg, Helena Tornero and Sergio Blanco
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The transgenerational transmission of trauma has become an increasingly prevalent trope in contemporary Hispanic theatre, in dealing with themes of political violence, conflict and exile, above all in relation to contexts where there are competing or disputed cultural trauma narratives and/or where reparational justice has not been forthcoming. In this paper, I wish to look at the way in which transgenerational transmission has been explored by the children and grandchildren of exile, focusing in particular on the cases of three renowned contemporary dramatists whose work traverses diverse linguistic and cultural contexts: Victoria Szpunberg, whose acclaimed trilogy, La fragilidad de la memoria, explores the incorporated memories of the children of Argentine political refugees in Europe; Helena Tornero, who is perhaps best known for her recent work with contemporary refugee communities in southern Europe, but who has also engaged with the legacy of the Spanish Civil War and Spanish Republican exile as experienced by the children and grandchildren of both the victims and the perpetrators; and Sergio Blanco, whose Franco-Uruguayan autofictions are haunted by the spectre of transgenerational transmission.