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O'Leary, Joann, Parker, Lynnda, Murphy, Margaret M., Warland, Jane
Different baby, different story: Pregnancy and parenting after loss
Rowman and Littlefield
Lanham. Maryland, USA
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subsequent pregnancy-psychological aspects| childbirth-psychological aspects| fetal death| perinatal death| parental grief| parenting-psychologial aspects
Pregnancy adter prenatal or infant loss can be a lonely and frightening time. Through stories of both pain and healing, the authors of this volume show how to navigate the exciting, yet choppy waters of a subsequent pregnancy. Different baby, Different Story explores the range of emotions , thoughts, and physical expereinces of bereaved parents who have gone on to expereince subsequent pregnancies. Including stories from mothers, fathers, other children, and extended family members, this poignant and moving work helps readers sort through their own feelings, gives voice to those who may have felt unheard or un supported, and arms them with insight into working with health care and mental health professionals as well as their own circle of friends, familt, and coworkers.
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