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Margaret M. Murphy, Rakhi Dandona, Hannah Blencowe, Paula Quigley, Susannah Hopkins Leisher, Claire Storey, Dimitrios Siassakos, Alexander Heazell, Vicki Flenady
2022 September
Oxford Handbook for Systems-Thinking in Global Health
Stillbirth: the hidden global mortality burden
Oxford University Press
Oxford, UK
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Stillbirth, the death of a baby at or before the time of birth, affects at least two million families worldwide each year. The global burden of stillbirth is borne unequally, with families in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and South America most affected. Although similar to the numbers of newborn deaths, stillbirth is only recently being addressed as a global public health issue. Utilising a systems-thinking approach to stillbirth is necessary to address the inherent complexities in reducing its burden. This chapter discusses addressing the complexities of stillbirth using the WHO Health Systems Framework (WHO 2010) and provides salient examples from global partners who are all working to reduce the ongoing deaths from stillbirth. 
Fiona Larkan, Hasheem Mannan, & Frédérique Vallières
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