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Zhao, Y. and Fan, Y. S.;
International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Implementation approach of ERP with mass customization
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This paper analyses the shortage of traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in the current dynamic and competitive enterprise environment. The new-generation ERP system needs to be frequently customized with low cost, high quality and efficiency, as is similar to the product of mass customization (MC). Owing to this kind of similarity, an implementation framework of ERP with MC principles (MC-ERP) is proposed based on the three fundamental principles of MC. An enterprise modelling-based enterprise total solution, which is the starting point of this framework, is introduced. In order to solve the function deployment approach, which is a key technology of the framework, an approach based on quality function deployment methodology is also discussed. For realization and validation, the architecture of a toolset for implementing MC-ERP is finally proposed, and the enterprise modelling tool, the kernel of this toolset, has been developed.
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