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Li, MD and Deng, WW and Fan, YS and Yang, JY and Liu, XL;
Study on arc movement in hollow electrode plasma generators with impressed double magnetic fields
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In order to prolong cathode lifetime of hollow electrode plasma generators, a method of impressed double magnetic fields with an alternating frequency is presented in this paper. The alternating frequency of the double magnetic fields is an important factor that influences the erosion rate on the area between the two coils' central planes. By analyzing the arc movement in the hollow cathode with a simplified theoretical model, the spiral curve shape of the radial arc and the relationship between the optimal alternating frequency and the intensity of magnetic fields are obtained. A photoelectric method is employed to measure the arc root rotation speed in the hollow cathode, and then the optimal alternating frequency is calculated as 319 Hz for the experimental conditions. The life testing with this alternating frequency showed that the cathode lifetime could be prolonged significantly.
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