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Fan, YS and Shi, W and Wu, C;
Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing
Enterprise wide application integration platform for CIMS implementation
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Adoption of CIMS in manufacturing enterprises requires more advanced tools for application integration. This paper presents the system architecture and services of an integration platform, CIMS Application Integration Platform for Manufacturing Enterprises (MACIP). MACIP integrates a set of application software and application development tools to provide a complete system for CIMS implementation. It includes a communication system, a global information system, three domain application sub-integration platforms, an Internet interface and an operation management and control system. It is based on the Client/Server structure, and employs the object-oriented paradigm and agent technology. System openness, scalability and maintenance are ensured by conforming to international standards and by using effective system design software and management tools. MACIP can significantly reduce the complexity of CIMS implementation.
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