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O’meara A.;Cassarino M.;Bolger A.;Setti A.
Multimodal Technologies And Interaction
Virtual reality nature exposure and test anxiety
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Academic performance Exam anxiety Green environments Virtual reality
The number of students affected by exam anxiety continues to rise. Therefore, it is becoming progressively relevant to explore innovative remediation strategies that will help mitigate the debilitating effects of exam anxiety. The study aimed to investigate whether green environment exposure, delivered by virtual reality (VR) technology, would serve as an effective intervention to mitigate participants’ test anxiety and therefore improve the experience of the exam, measured by positive and negative affect, and increase test scores in a pseudo exam. Twenty high and twenty low exam anxiety students completed a pseudo exam before and after being exposed to either a simulated green environment or urban environment. Only those who had high anxiety and were exposed to the nature VR intervention had significant reductions in negative affect (F(1, 31) = 5.86, p = 0.02, ¿p = 0.15), supporting the idea that exposure to nature, even if simulated, may benefit students’ feelings about their academic performance. The findings are discussed in light of future developments in nature and educational research. 2
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