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Sherliker, Ben and Halsall, Matthew and Kasalynas, Irmantas and Seliuta, Dalius and Valusis, Gintaras and Vengris, Mikas and Barkauskas, Martynas and Sirutkaitis, Valdas and Harrison, P. and Jovanovic, V. D. and Indjin, D. and Ikonic, Z. and Parbrook, P. J. and Wang, T. and Buckle, P. D.;
Semiconductor Science and Technology
Room temperature operation of AlGaN/GaN quantum well infrared photodetectors at a 3-4 mu m wavelength range
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Experimental results showing room temperature normal incidence mid-infrared detection by AlGaN/GaN quantum well infrared photodetectors are presented. Designed structures have intersubband transitions corresponding to wavelengths in the region of 3 and 4 mu m, where strong absorption in a sapphire substrate dominates. The intersubband spectra, therefore, were characterized by electronic Raman scattering and infrared photocurrent spectroscopy. The absorption spectra agree well with theoretical predictions. Details of device fabrication are presented with sensitivity estimates for the devices.
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