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Davis, C and Tang, CSK and Chan, SFF and Noel, B;
Educational and Psychological Measurement
The development and validation of the International AIDS Questionnaire-Chinese Version (IAQ-C)
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The purpose of this study was to develop and standardize an AIDS questionnaire for Chinese adolescents and to provide normative data on this instrument for use by clinicians, educators, and researchers. The International AIDS Questionnaire-Chinese Version (IAQ-C) was developed and tested with 1,667 Chinese adolescents and 277 Chinese university students in Hong Kong. Exploratory factor analysis indicated that four factors underlie the IAQ-C: transmission myths, attitudes, personal vulnerability, and facts. Confirmatory factor analysis on two independent samples then confirmed this four-factor structural model. The IAQ-C appears to yield valid and reliable scores measuring HIV and AIDS knowledge and attitudes among Chinese adolescents in Hong Kong.
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