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Charrin, C and Magaud, JP and Sebban, C and Fiere, D and Dastugue, N and HuguetRigal, F and Attal, M and Sie, P and Lai, JL and Jouet, JP and Simon, M and Zandecki, M and Gregoire, MJ and Witz, F and Witz, B and Barin, C and Moraine, C and Mugneret, F and Favre, B and Raynaud, S and Gratecos, N and Thyss, A and Ayraud, N and Lafage, M and Amoulet, C and Sainty, D and Mozziconacci, MJ and Stoppa, AM and Bernard, P and Reiffers, J and Baranger, L and Boasson, M and Ifrah, N and VandenAkker, J and Perrot, C and Bertheas, MF and Vasselon, C and Calmard, P and Guyotat, D and Talmant, P and Uettwiller, F and Malolsel, F and Ruch, JV and Oberling, F and Weh, HJ and VerellenDumoulin, C and Libouton, JM and Delannoy, A and Ferrant, A and Michaux, JL and Desangles, F and Riviere, D and PluchonRivie;
Cytogenetic abnormalities in adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia: Correlations with hematologic findings and outcome. A collaborative study of the Groupe Francais de Cytogenetique Hematologique (vol 87, pg 3135, 1996)
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