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Denoeud, France and Aury, Jean-Marc and Da Silva, Corinne and Noel, Benjamin and Rogier, Odile and Delledonne, Massimo and Morgante, Michele and Valle, Giorgio and Wincker, Patrick and Scarpelli, Claude and Jaillon, Olivier and Artiguenave, Francois;
Genome Biology
Annotating genomes with massive-scale RNA sequencing
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Next generation technologies enable massive-scale cDNA sequencing (so-called RNA-Seq). Mainly because of the difficulty of aligning short reads on exon-exon junctions, no attempts have been made so far to use RNA-Seq for building gene models de novo, that is, in the absence of a set of known genes and/or splicing events. We present G-Mo.R-Se (Gene Modelling using RNA-Seq), an approach aimed at building gene models directly from RNA-Seq and demonstrate its utility on the grapevine genome.
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