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Noel, B and Bron, C and Kunzle, N and De Heller, M and Panizzon, RG;
Journal of The European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology
Multiple nodules of the scrotum: histopathological findings and surgical procedure. A study of five cases
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Background Multiple nodules of the scrotum are uncommonly reported. Their origin is controversial. Treatment is always surgical but the best procedure is still to be determined. Materials and methods Five new cases are reported with description of the histopathological findings and surgical procedure. Results Nodules of the scrotum were more frequent in patients with dark skin suggesting an ethnic susceptibility. No other predisposing factors were noted. Screening for disturbances of phosphate or calcium balance was negative. The following histopathological findings were observed: non-calcified epidermoid cysts (3 patients), calcified epidermoid cysts (1 patient) and nodular calcifications without epithelial or glandular structures (1 patient). Subtotal excisions of the scrotum wall using tumescent anaesthesia were performed in all patients without any significant complications. Cosmetic results were excellent. No new lesions were observed during the 1-year follow-up period. Conclusions Most cases of multiple nodules of the scrotum are due to non-calcified epidermoid cysts. The term scrotal calcinosis is therefore probably abusively used by many authors. Some cases of nodular calcifications may be due to dystrophic calcification of epidermoid cysts, but calcifications may also occur without any visible epithelial or glandular structure. Subtotal excision of the scrotum wall is a safe and effective surgical procedure to treat multiple nodules of the scrotum. Cosmetic results are excellent and recurrences are rare.
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