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Noel, B and Amrine, J and Kovacs, A;
Integrated pest management combine with mite resistant queens to combat acaricide-resistant varroa
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Three different research approaches have observed similar phenomena in the resistance of honey bees to Varroa destructor. Two teams have observed that some varroa entering brood cells fail to reproduce. The third observed bees possessing hygienic behavior that apparently led to some resistance to mites and disease (Russian Queen). The WVU research team observed that essential oils, when delivered in feeding syrups, grease patties and Various tracking materials disrupts the reproduction of the varroa mite and helps honey bees resist disease. The ARS teams at the Baton Rouge lab observed similar phenomena: by selecting specific gene characteristics in honey bees that can 1) suppress mite reproduction and 2) apparently obtain resistance to varroa by specific, inherited genetic hygienic behavior. With Varroa destructor showing resistance to registered miticides, the need for an integrated pest management control, along with mite resistant queens, is greatly needed at this point to thwart this devastating pest.
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