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Lotty, Maria; Bantry-White, Eleanor ; Dunn-Galvin, Audrey
Child Care In Practice
A qualitative study in Ireland: Foster carers and practitioners perspectives on developing a trauma-informed care psychoeducation programme
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Psychoeducation Trauma-informed care Foster care Programme development
This article presents the findings of a qualitative study of foster carers’ and multidisciplinary practitioners’ perceptions of foster carers’ needs and existing practices in foster care in Ireland. This study explored participants’ perceptions of the development of a trauma-informed care (TIC) psychoeducational intervention for foster carers. From a purposive sample of foster carers and multidisciplinary practitioners, four focus groups were carried out. Thematic analysis revealed three themes: The Need for Trauma-informed Care, Development of Trauma-informed Care and Implementation of Trauma-informed Care. The findings have informed the development of a culturally sensitive TIC intervention for foster carers that reflect the needs and practices of the Irish foster care context.
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