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Claude Scheuer, Martin Holzweg, Rose-Marie Repond, Joao Costa, Marcos Onofre
11ème Biennale de l’ARIS : Former des citoyens physiquement éduqués. Axe 2 – Vers une éducation
Monitoring the quality of physical education: EuPEO, an ongoing Erasmus+ funded project from the European Physical Education Association
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Marc Cloes, Benoît Lenzen, Alexandre Mouton, Fabienne Brière
Liége, Belgium
In the past years, the European Physical Education Association (EUPEA) investigated the quality of Physical Education (PE) and School Sport (SS) on several occasions from different perspectives, presented and published as the antecedents of the European Physical Education Observatory (EuPEO) funded by the Erasmus+ Sport programme. Partners from nine countries, including PE teacher associations and research partners, aimed to develop a Europe-wide PE monitoring system by developing the EuPEO webpage, a manual for external assessment (MEA) at Europe-wide and country levels, and a toolkit to prepare and provide internal self-monitoring (TIM) of quality PE and SS at the school level. In general, these two tools intend to provide a comparative view of QPE through common frameworks, tools and processes, while including as much as possible culturally sensitive conditions for QPE implementation, analysis, and decision-making. The core dimensions of the EuPEO framework for QPE were primarily established with an explicit reference to the 2015 UNESCO Quality Physical Education Framework.
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