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Elisa Serra Porteiro
Journal of Romance studies
Staging Translation and Nation: Irish Drama in the Repertoire of the Centro Dramático Galego
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This article explores the relevance and position of Irish drama within the repertoire of the Centro Dramático Galego, a theatre company supported by the Galician autonomous government. Productions are considered in light of the consolidation of national and cultural identity implicitly pursued by the Centro Dramático Galego, and linked to the ideological value attached to Irish cultural products in the Galician context since the early twentieth century. Through an analysis of textual and paratextual materials, informed by first-hand interviews with key agents, I will compare the different incorporation and framing strategies of J.M. Synge’s and Oscar Wilde’s plays to reveal the extent of the target-culture bias that characterizes their mediation processes. Those productions will illustrate the divergent norms that operate in publication and stage activity, and exemplify the powerful influence of the Centro Dramático Galego in the Galician theatre system.
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