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Scarrott, R.G., Tuohy, E.
KETmaritime: Workshop Report - Enriching maritime R&D through Key Enabling Technologies - Work
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Key Enabling Technology; Atlantic; INTERREG; Maritime
The outputs of a workshop held in Cork, Ireland on September 26th, 2019.
KETmaritime stakeholders were consulted on a number of aspects regarding the maritime sector, and the opportunities and challenges provided by Key Enabling Technologies. Three group consultation exercises were held: (i) Opportunities, (ii) Challenges and solutions for KET and maritime collaboration, and (iii) Fueling and facilitating our KET endeavors. Group consultations were implemented using participatory Group Facilitation Methods developed by the staff of the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) and more commonly known as Technology of Participation (ToP)®. The University College Cork staff deployed on this exercise have been trained in this methodology through the UCC Staff Training programme. Further information on ToP® can be found at www.ica-usa.org/. The data recorded were collated, and stakeholder needs, observations, and recommendations were extracted. The data collation step ensured that User Board comment records were anonymised, ensuring stakeholder confidentiality.
Cork, Ireland
University College Cork
Scarrott, R.G., Tuohy, E.
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E.U. Grant no. EAPA_595/2016