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Duysburgh C;Van den Abbeele P;Kamil A;Fleige L;De Chavez PJ;Chu Y;Barton W;O'Sullivan O;Cotter PD;Quilter K;Joyce SA;Murphy M;DunnGalvin G;Dinan TG;Marzorati M;
Pathogens (Basel, Switzerland)
In vitro-in vivo Validation of Stimulatory Effect of Oat Ingredients on Lactobacilli.
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The prebiotic activity of a commercially available oat product and a novel oat ingredient, at similar ▀-glucan loads, was tested using a validated in vitro gut model (M-SHIME«). The novel oat ingredient was tested further at lower ▀-glucan loads in vitro, while the commercially available oat product was assessed in a randomised, single-blind, placebo-controlled, and cross-over human study. Both approaches focused on healthy individuals with mild hypercholesterolemia. In vitro analysis revealed that both oat products strongly stimulated Lactobacillaceae and Bifidobacteriaceae in the intestinal lumen and the simulated mucus layer, and corresponded with enhanced levels of acetate and lactate with cross-feeding interactions leading to an associated increase in propionate and butyrate production. The in vitro prebiotic activity of the novel oat ingredient remained at lower ▀-glucan levels, indicating the prebiotic potential of the novel oat product. Finally, the stimulation of Lactobacillus spp. was confirmed during the in vivo trial, where lactobacilli abundance significantly increased in the overall population at the end of the intervention period with the commercially available oat product relative to the control product, indicating the power of in vitro gut models in predicting in vivo response of the microbial community to dietary modulation.
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