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S. Alisauskiene, L. Kaminskiene, L. Milteniene, R. Meliene1, A. Rutkiene, A. Kazlauskiene, A. Siriakoviene, S. Kontrimiene, V. Venslovaite, C. O'Mahony, L. Lee, H. Guðjónsdóttir, J.V. Kristinsdóttir, and A.K. Wozniczka
15th International Technology, Education and Development Conference Online Conference
Innovative teacher education through personalised learning: design teaching and learning scenarios
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Personalised learning; teacher education; teaching and learning
Valencia, Spain
The growing diversity of the student population twinned with a shift towards more learner-centred education provides the impetus to develop innovative teaching approaches. Imagined as personalised learning (PL), this approach argues for greater flexibility for the learner and more opportunities to include students’ voice in the design and enactment of learning. This paper distils the learning from the members of the INTERPEARL project consortium including Lithuanian Universities Siauliai University (SU), Vytautas Magnus University (VMU), and Vilnius University (VU) together with their international partners University of Iceland (UI), and University College Cork, Ireland (UCC). The paper is based on the theoretical assumptions of social construction and takes mixed method approach to uncover the learning from implementing a personalised learning process to encourage greater learner agency and co-creation of learning. This paper will introduce the PL framework developed by the INTERPEARL consortium and two related concepts, namely Learning Scenarios and Learning Design. The learning from the implementation of the PL Framework in Iceland, Ireland, and Lithuanian is uncovered, with a methodology of self-study of teaching and teacher education practices (S-STEP), and student-teachers surveys providing a strong rationale for more PL approach.
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