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Larkin F;Hayiou-Thomas ME;Arshad Z;Leonard M;Williams FJ;Katseniou N;Malouta RN;Marshall CRP;Diamantopoulou M;Tang E;Mani S;Meins E;
Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders
Mind-Mindedness and Stress in Parents of Children with Developmental Disorders.
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Relations between mind-mindedness (assessed using the describe-your-child interview) and stress were investigated in parents of children with developmental disorders (ADHD, n=51, ASD, n=23, Down's Syndrome, n=38, and 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome, 22q11.2DS, n=32) and typically-developing children (n=89). Mind-mindedness did not differ across diagnostic groups, and mind-mindedness predicted parenting stress across groups. Parenting stress was lowest in the typically-developing and Down's Syndrome groups. Across all groups, mind-minded and positive descriptions predicted lower parenting stress, and negative descriptions predicted higher stress. In the developmental disorder groups, describing the children with reference to their disorder was negatively correlated with mind-mindedness. Results are discussed with regard to interventions for families where children have developmental disorders.
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