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Lee Y;Meins E;Larkin F;
Infant Mental Health Journal
Translation and preliminary validation of a Korean version of the parental reflective functioning questionnaire.
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This study aimed to explore the factor structure, reliability, and validity of a Korean translation of the Parental Reflective Functioning Questionnaire (PRFQ). The PRFQ consists of three subscales: prementalizing modes, certainty about mental states, and interest and curiosity in mental states. A convenience sample of 163 Korean parents completed the K-PRFQ. Exploratory factor analysis showed three factors mapped on to the original PRFQ factors, but items from the original prementalizing modes subscale clustered into two additional factors. Data from a subsample (n = 67) showed that the certainty about mental states and interest and curiosity in mental states subscales correlated positively with more optimal self-reported parenting. We discuss the validity of using the PRFQ in collectivistic cultures.
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