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K. Ambrose, M. Syrstad Andås & G. Murray
Urnes Stave Church and Its Global Romanesque Connections. Studies in the Visual Cultures of the Middle Ages (SVCMA 18)
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Urnes Scandinavia Romanesque Viking art Norway Stave Church Medieval art Medieval architecture
Urnes is the oldest and best known of the Norwegian stave churches. Despite its rich sculptural programme, complex building history, fine medieval furnishings, and UNESCO World Heritage Site status, Urnes has attracted scant scholarly attention beyond Scandinavia. Broadly speaking, the church has been seen to exemplify Nordic traditions, a view manifest in the frequent use of “Urnes style” to designate the final phase of Viking art. While in no way denying or diminishing the importance of local or regional traditions, this book examines Urnes from a global perspective, considering how its art and architecture engaged international developments from across Europe, the Mediterranean, and Central Asia. In adopting this alternative approach, the articles collected in this volume offer the most current research on Urnes, published in English to reach a broad audience. The aim is to reinvigorate academic interest and debate in not only what is one of the most important churches in the world, but also in the rich cultural heritage of Northern Europe.
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