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Darius Whelan, Maria Dempsey, Robert King and Bláthín Power
Irish Association of Law Teachers
Establishing Precedent? Peer assessment in interdisciplinary collaboration between Schools of Law and Applied Psychology
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Peer assessment (PA) involves students evaluating the academic output of their peers and providing and receiving feedback. Several studies have exhibited the effectiveness of PA, including facilitation of critical thinking skills, enhanced metacognitive understanding, and development of self-directed reflexive learning. Equipping students with the ability to critique their work, and that of their peers, is a necessary skill for self-improvement and professional development. Engagement in this process fosters a variety of skills, including communication, organisational, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills. For PA to advance in terms of standards of design quality and informed application for larger-scale implementation, interdisciplinary collaboration is imperative. This paper offers an insight, based on data collected from three cohorts of postgraduate students, on perception of PA as a medium for development of transferable skills through the interdisciplinary context of the module LW6616, a mental health law module in the MA in Applied Psychology (Mental Health).
UCC Learning, Teaching & Assessment Enhancement Fund UCC Head of Law Strategic Fund