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Cuenca, Juan Jose;Hayes, Barry P.
IEEE Transactions On Power Systems
Non-bias allocation of export capacity for distribution network planning with high distributed energy resource integration
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Circuit faults Distribution networks Energy resources Planning Power distribution planning Power distribution reliability Power generation planning Reliability Resource management Resource management Search methods Security Transformers
A novel distributed energy resources (DER) allocation method focused on grid constraints that avoids topological bias is proposed for distribution networks. A technology-agnostic approach is used, where a non-bias allocation of export capacity (NAEC) not specific to generation type is calculated. Moreover, the proposed NAEC is extended from an export capacity into a hosting capacity (HC) using a statistical approach. The methods are tested using the IEEE 33-bus distribution system, and two typical Irish distribution feeders -one urban, one rural- as case studies. Using a high-resolution year-long quasi-static time series simulation (QSTS) and three different generation profiles, the proposed NAEC method is validated against current practices and state of the art allocation methods in terms of active balancing, security of supply, interactions between users, operational concerns, and fairness. Results show that an equivalent or higher level of DER penetration is achieved using the proposed methodology. There are no additional constraint violations using the NAEC methodology, moreover, time slots with violations are reduced, improving security of supply. Furthermore, results suggest that avoiding topological bias makes the network accessible for more users, and prioritises self-consumption.
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