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McKenna F., Ó Gallachóir B. P., McKeogh E. J., Lightbody G. & Daly R.;
International Journal of Energy Technology and Policy
Simulating Real Time Load Management to Maximise Wind Energy Supply within a Liberalised Electricity Market ¿ Irish Case Study.
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The realisation of two key energy policy goals pose significant challenges for power systems operation and control, namely electricity market liberalisation and increased penetration of renewable energy. This paper uses a case study analysis to explore solutions to these new challenges. The focus is on simulating real-time load management to maximise wind energy supply to a local authority (municipality). The first part of the case study analysis is a one year simulation of electricity supply from a wind farm. The second part simulates real-time load management to maximise the use of the wind energy supply. The control strategy is developed and a number of scenarios are explored with regard to the key controllable loads, namely those associated with water pumping. The real-time simulation is carried out in MATLAB. The paper concludes by mapping out the how real time control will be achieved based on the simulation carried out.
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