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Mizokuchi R;Bugu S;Hirayama M;Yoneda J;Kodera T;
Scientific Reports
Radio-frequency single electron transistors in physically defined silicon quantum dots with a sensitive phase response.
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Radio-frequency reflectometry techniques are instrumental for spin qubit readout in semiconductor quantum dots. However, a large phase response is difficult to achieve in practice. In this work, we report radio-frequency single electron transistors using physically defined quantum dots in silicon-on-insulator. We study quantum dots which do not have the top gate structure considered to hinder radio frequency reflectometry measurements using physically defined quantum dots. Based on the model which properly takes into account the parasitic components, we precisely determine the gate-dependent device admittance. Clear Coulomb peaks are observed in the amplitude and the phase of the reflection coefficient, with a remarkably large phase signal of ~45. Electrical circuit analysis indicates that it can be attributed to a good impedance matching and a detuning from the resonance frequency. We anticipate that our results will be useful in designing and simulating reflectometry circuits to optimize qubit readout sensitivity and speed.
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