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Frank Riedewald, Daniel Vogt, Maria O’Mahoney, Maria Sousa-Gallagher
Loss Prevention Bulletin
Ejection of molten salt over large distances – safety implications of operating with molten salts at all scales
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molten salt, ejection, scale down
Due to their high operating temperatures, molten salts have inherent risks. A particular hazard of molten salts is salt ejection. Molten salt ejection over distances of 2 metres may occur without warning during heat-up if the salt crust breaks due to the thermal expansion of the already liquid salt underneath. Thus, even at laboratory scale, salt ejection can occur. However, the simple precaution of covering the reactor with a lid prevents salt ejection beyond the confines of the reactor. Safety guidelines aimed at specific industrial operations cannot capture all circumstances and certainly not laboratory experiments. As a result, it is advisable to consult more than one safety guideline to minimise the chances of missing a particular hazard. Moreover, safety guidelines may not explain the reasons for a recommendation, making the safety implications of scaling down to a laboratory experiment more challenging to assess.
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