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Kashub Steven Tumwesigye, Jorge C. Oliveirac, Sheila Namuwaya, Maria Jose Sousa-Gallagher
2021 March
Cassava Biomaterial Innovations for Industry Applications
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Cassava biomaterial, Waste, Integrated process, Biodegradable products, Sustainable environment, Packaging system
Breakthrough innovations can spur growth in the modern era industry to realise sustainability and high returns on investments. Nowadays, biobased innovations for application in diverse industry sectors are considered as future pillars to counter resource depletion and ensure positive environmental impacts. Cassava is a strong flagship biomaterial promoting solutions for resource-efficient use and green environment. Innovative industrial application of cassava biomaterials enriches literature, presenting cassava as a versatile and unrivalled crop that is cardinal for more sustainable environment and biodegradable industrial products. Work on novel cassava biomaterials, which are low-cost, unexploited and with zero competition for food supply, are also included. Using an integrated sustainable process, it also shows how to indirectly reduce waste streams, through their effective use, guaranteeing zero carbon footprints and acting as a non-traditional strategy for equilibrium atmosphere and active packaging systems. Applications of Cassava biomaterial in food, as food supplements and in packaging systems are also covered in this chapter.
Dr. Andri Frediansyah
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