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Horgan, Deirdre; Martin, Shirley
2021 December
Child and Youth Participation in Policy, Practice and Research
Children's research advisory groups: Moving from adult-research agendas to co-creation with children
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Children’s Research Advisory Groups Young people Participation Authenticity Rights Voice Thinking Model
This chapter focuses on Children’s Research Advisory Groups (CRAG’s) against the backdrop of participatory research with children and the increasing requirements to evidence research involvement by users of services for funding bodies. The authors will discuss capacity building as essential in working with CRAGs. Furthermore, they examine the potential role and contribution of CRAGs in co-constructing research methods, data analysis and research sharing drawing on two of their research projects (one Irish and one European) supported by CRAGs. The chapter concludes that while Children’s Research Advisory Groups have the potential to contribute to deeper participation, they are not without their difficulties and limitations. They are costly and time consuming, may not always be appropriate and in some cases are tokenistic. A case is made for a pragmatic, flexible approach to help promote ethical practice.
Deirdre Horgan and Danielle Keenan
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