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Lee, A., Bessell, N., van den Heuvel, H., Saalasti, S., Klessa, K., Müller, N., & Ball, M. J.
Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics
The latest development of the DELAD project for sharing corpora of speech disorders
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speech corpora speech database speech disorders DELAD
Corpora of speech of individuals with communication disorders (CSD) are invaluable resources for education and research but they are costly and hard to build and difficult to share for various reasons. DELAD, which means ‘shared’ in Swedish, is a project initiated by Professors Nicole Müller and Martin Ball in 2015 that aims to address this issue by establishing a platform for researchers to share datasets of speech disorders with interested audiences. To date four workshops have been held, where selected participants, covering various expertise including researchers in clinical phonetics and linguistics, speech and language therapy, infrastructure specialists, and ethics and legal specialists, participated to discuss relevant issues in setting up such an archive. Positive and steady progress has been made since 2015, including refurbishing the DELAD website ( with information and application forms for researchers to join and share their datasets; and linking with the CLARIN K-Centre for Atypical Communication Expertise ( where CSD can be hosted and accessed through the CLARIN B-Centres, The Language Archive ( and TalkBank ( The latest workshop, which was funded by CLARIN (Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure) was held as an online event in January 2021 on topics including Data Protection Impact Assessments, reviewing changes in ethics perspectives in academia on sharing CSD, and voice conversion as a mean to pseudonomise speech. This paper reports the latest progress of DELAD and discusses the directions for further advance of the initiative, with information on how researchers can contribute to the repository.
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This work was supported by the Riksbankens Jubileumsfond [Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation]; CLARIN ERIC.