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McGookin, C;Gallachoir, BO;Byrne, E
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A compiled dataset of the energy usage indicators and unit energy consumption values available in Ireland
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This dataset supports the analysis outlined in (McGookin et al., 2021) "An innovative approach for estimating energy demand and supply to inform local energy transitions"[1]. It consists of four key elements: a range of different energy usage indicators (e.g. the number of employees or cars in a region), national unit energy consumption values, energy supply fuel shares per sector, and an overview of the housing stock. Firstly, the range of socio-economic statistics used as indicators of energy demand are primarily gathered from the Central Statistics Office's (CSO), along with sector specific sources like the Department of Transport or Fisheries. Secondly, the national energy demand and supply in the five sectors of agriculture and fishing, industry, residential, services and transport comes from the national reporting body Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. These two datasets are then used to form the national unit consumption figures for a range of indicators in each sector. A national unit consumption value gives an average energy demand per statistical unit, for example MWh/employee or MWh/km driven. This can be used to estimate subnational energy demand in the absence of recorded energy data below the national level. Finally, the Building Energy Rating database (which is reported quarterly by the CSO) provides details on the Irish housing stock and non-domestic building's primary heating fuels. (C) 2021 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Inc.
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