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O'Donoghue, K;Jaeger, HA;Cantillon-Murphy, P
A Radiolucent Electromagnetic Tracking System for Use with Intraoperative X-ray Imaging
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In recent times, the use of electromagnetic tracking for navigation in surgery has quickly become a vital tool in minimally invasive surgery. In many procedures, electromagnetic tracking is used in tandem with X-ray technology to track a variety of tools and instruments. Most commercially available EM tracking systems can cause X-ray artifacts and attenuation due to their construction and the metals that form them. In this work, we provide a novel solution to this problem by creating a new radiolucent electromagnetic navigation system that has minimal impact on -ray imaging systems. This is a continuation of our previous work where we showed the development of the Anser open-source electromagnetic tracking system. Typical electromagnetic tracking systems operate by generating low frequency magnetic fields from coils that are located near the patient. These coils are typically made from copper, steel, and other dense radiopaque materials. In this work, we explore the use of low density aluminum to create these coils and we demonstrate that the effect on X-ray images is significantly reduced as a result of these novel changes in the materials used. The resulting field generator is shown to give at least a 60% reduction in the X-ray attenuation in comparison to our earlier designs. We verify that the system accuracy of approximately 1.5 mm RMS error is maintained with this change in design.
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