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Kearney, Aoife M.; Murphy, Linda; Murphy, Chloe; Eccles, Kevin S.; Lawrence, Simon E.; Collins, Stuart G.; Maguire, Anita R.
Synthesis and reactivity of alpha-sulfenyl-beta-chloroenones, including oxidation and Stille cross-coupling to form chalcone derivatives
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Chalcones Chlorination Oxidation Stille cross-coupling α-Sulfenyl-β-chloroenones Thioamides Transformation Tools
The synthesis of a range of novel alpha-sulfenyl-beta-chloroenones from the corresponding a-sulfenylketones, via a NCS mediated chlorination cascade, is described. The scope of the reaction has been investigated and compounds bearing alkyl- and arylthio substituents have been synthesised. In most instances, the Z alpha-sulfenyl-beta-chloroenones were formed as the major products, while variation of the substituent at the beta-carbon position led to an alteration in stereoselectivity. Stille cross-coupling with the Z alpha-sulfenyl-beta-chloroenones led to selective formation of Z sulfenyl chalcones, while the E alpha-sulfenyl-beta-chloroenones did not react under the same conditions. Oxidation of the Z alpha-sulfenyl-beta-chloroenones was followed by isomerisation, leading to the E alpha-sulfinyl-beta-chloroenones. Stille cross-coupling with the E alpha-sulfinyl-beta-chloroenones produced the E sulfinyl chalcones. Either the E or Z sulfinyl chalcones can be obtained by altering the sequence of oxidation and Stille cross-coupling. (C) 2021 The Author(s). Published by Elsevier Ltd.
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