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Basurrah, A., Al-HajBaddar, M., & Di Blasi, Z.
Frontiers in psychology
Positive Psychology Interventions as an Opportunity in Arab Countries to Promoting Well-being
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Arab countries; mental health; positive psychology; positive psychology interventions; well-being.
In this perspective paper, we emphasize the importance of further research on culturally-sensitive positive psychology interventions in the Arab region. We argue that these interventions are needed in the region because they not only reduce mental health problems but also promote well-being and flourishing. To achieve this, we shed light on the cultural elements of the Arab region and how the concept of well-being differs from that of Western culture. We review the research conducted in Arabia, briefly evaluate the quality of this research and list some adapted measurements. We furthermore propose guidelines and recommendations for future evidence-based positive psychology interventions research to align with the national culture in various sectors and community samples that contribute to the development of well-being in the Arab world.
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