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McCarthy, William P.,Blais, Herehau N.,O'Callaghan, Tom F.,Hossain, Mohammad,Moloney, Mary,Danaher, Martin,O'Connor, Christine,Tobin, John T.
International Dairy Journal
Application of nanofiltration for the removal of chlorate from skim milk
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Chlorate has emerged as a residue of concern within the food and beverage sector, associated with chlorine sanitiser usage for sanitation in industrial food production and is of particular concern due to the adverse health effects of chlorate exposure. This study assessed a nanofiltration approach for the removal of chlorate from skim milk. The chlorate content of skim milk was decreased by up to 62.3 2.6% per unit of dry matter (DM) when concentrating from 9 to 18% DM at both lab and pilot-scale. Chlorate had a rejection efficiency of 38.8 8.1%, which was lower than calcium, potassium, and lactose at 97.7 0.3%, 64 3.0%, and 98 0.3% respectively. In contrast, a comparative reverse osmosis membrane demonstrated a chlorate rejection of 98 0.5%, identifying applications in chlorate free process water production.
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