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Joćo Martins, Joćo Costa
Special Issue "Promoting Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyles in Sports, Leisure-Time and Physical Education" - International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
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physical activity, physical education, correlates, determinants, interventions, health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA), health, lifestyle
The health benefits of a physically active lifestyle are well established. Nevertheless, adolescents, adults, and older adults worldwide present high levels of physical inactivity. In most countries, inactivity levels have been stable, or their reduction too slow. With physical inactivity representing an increased risk for health issues, urgent action is needed to effectively promote physically active and healthy lifestyles. In this regard, research seeking to further understand the multiple influences of diverse types of physical activity (PA) is important to design specific evidence-based PA interventions. In this Special Issue, we look forward to receiving high-quality original research studies (e.g., longitudinal, randomized control trials; mixed-methods; qualitative; cross-sectional; systematic reviews and meta-analyses) focused on all forms of PA in different contexts (e.g., in leisure time, at work, at school, in the household, active transportation) across all population subgroups in diverse cultural contexts, related (but not limited) to the following topics: Links between PA, health outcomes, and quality of life; Prevalence of and trends in PA; Correlates and determinants of PA; Interventions, effective strategies, and best practices to promote PA; Physical education, school-based PA, and healthy lifestyle promotion; Youth and adult experiences, perspectives, and recommendations on PA; Translation of research into public health actions to promote PA.
Joćo Martins, Joćo Costa
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