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Siobhan Danette Thomas, Rob King, Mike Murphy & Maria Dempsey,
46th International Academy of Sex Research
Barriers to Health-Seeking in Transgender Populations: Healthcare Avoidance and Communication Apprehension.
Online DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.12962.56005
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Background: Healthcare avoidance is a significant issue affecting the transgender population. However, research has predominantly examined this phenomenon through the lens of the minority stress model. While the minority stress perspective has provided valuable insight into health disparities within this population, it has been argued that an extension of this model is required to provide a more comprehensive understanding. Thus, this research seeks to examine health-seeking behaviours using a variety of different perspectives. The minority stress model will be integrated with psychological mediation frameworks and the biopsychosocial model, as well as utilizing previously understudied areas such as communication theory to investigate the roles of communication apprehension and communication acts as barriers to health-seeking behaviours. Methods: This research is mixed design, utilizing both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, and is comprised of several phases of research. The first phase of this research is exploratory, consisting of a qualitative investigation of healthcare avoidance and health communication and a systematic review of factors and outcomes associated with healthcare avoidance in the transgender population. The second phase of research will consist of quantitative studies investigating the factors associated with healthcare-specific communication apprehension and healthcare avoidance. The third, and final, phase of research will comprise studies investigating the effectiveness of intervention strategies to promote engagement with healthcare services. Results: This research is currently in phase one. The results of the first phase of research are expected to inform the conceptual and methodological aspects of subsequent phases by establishing the factors that are identified as barriers to health-seeking behaviours in this population. Discussion: The results of his research will provide a comprehensive investigation of the barriers to health-seeking behaviours among transgender individuals. As such, it will provide a model of healthcare avoidance that is reflective of the complexity of this behaviour, which can be utilized to improve engagement with healthcare services and to inform policy implementation and guidelines informing healthcare practice.