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Dekkers T.;O'Sullivan K.;Blake C.;McVeigh J.G.;Collins K.
Journal of Science and Medicine In Sport
Epidemiology and moderators of injury in Gaelic football: A systematic review and meta-analysis
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Epidemiology Gaelic football Incidence Injury Moderator Risk factors
Objectives: To quantify the incidence, location and severity of injuries in Gaelic football and to identify potential moderators of those injuries. Design: Systematic review and meta-analysis. Methods: A comprehensive search strategy of six electronic databases was undertaken independently by two researchers in March 2020. Studies must have prospectively investigated injuries sustained by Gaelic footballers over a minimum duration of six months. The Newcastle-Ottawa Scale was used to assess risk of bias. Studies were combined in a pooled analysis using an inverse variance method. Results: Twelve prospective cohort studies were eligible. The total injury incidence was 10.7 injuries/1000 h of exposure. Match incidence (55.9 injuries/1000 h) was much higher than training (4.6 injuries/1000 h). The lower limb accounted for over 70% of all injuries, with hamstring injuries ranging from 22 to 24% of all injuries. Non-contact injuries were the most common injury mechanism. Players aged >30 were at greatest risk of injury with incidence risk ratios ranging from 1.2 to 2.3. High aerobic fitness and chronic workloads were associated with reduced risk of injury in elite Gaelic footballers. Conclusions: Elite Gaelic football athletes are twelve times more likely to get injured during match play compared to training. The lower limb is the most affected body region, and most injuries occur by non-contact mechanisms. Athlete age of greater than 30, poor aerobic fitness and sudden increments in training workload all increase the likelihood of injury. By understanding the incidence and nature of injuries in Gaelic football, targeted injury prevention strategies can be developed and implemented.
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