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Di Blasi, Z., Palmer, S. & McCall, J.
Journal of Ecopsychology
Telephone-coaching while walking during COVID-19: A pilot study
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Coaching; nature telephone-coaching; walking coaching; COVID-19
Background: The current pandemic has had serious consequences on mental health due to social isolation and various life-style restrictions. While there are a handful of studies examining the effects of coaching while walking, to our knowledge, there is no research evaluating the experience of being coached on the phone while walking. Aims: The aim of this study was to look at the experiences of being coached over the phone while walking during the first COVID-19 lockdown. Methods: In this study we surveyed 9 professionals who received six coaching sessions over the phone while walking during the first lockdown of COVID-19. Coaching was delivered by a qualified coach who also walked while coaching. Each session lasted between one and one-and-a half hours. Walking sessions were largely conducted in seaside areas. Results: All participants found the coaching sessions to be either extremely or very effective at increasing their energy and mood, and most found these to be extremely or very effective at increasing their goals and creativity. The thematic analysis led to the identification of five main themes: (1) enhanced energy; 2) enhanced thinking; 3) enhanced mood; 4) goal setting and 5) feeling supported during covid-19. Discussion/Conclusion: Telephone walking coaching can be revitalising, mood boosting and effective. In returning to work in the office, hybrid organisations could use walking meetings including telephone walking meetings as an opportunity to increase employee wellbeing, innovation and productivity. Future research should be conducted to examine guidelines for training programmes incorporating coaching outdoors.
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