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Basurrah, A., Al-HajBaddar, M., & Di Blasi, Z.
Middle East Journal of Positive Psychology
تدخلات علم النفس الإيجابي كفرصة في البلاد
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Abstract: Examining the effects of Positive Psychology Interventions (PPIs) outside the Western context is an area of interest in the field of positive psychology. Several scholars have debated and addressed the topic of whether PPIs are culturally appropriate and meaningful for non-Western societies such as the Arab countries, where various cultural differences exist. In this paper, we outlined some of the key cultural elements of the Arab region and how well-being differs from Western culture. Furthermore, we presented research conducted on PPIs in the Arab region and briefly evaluated the quality of this research. We also provided psychological measurements in this field and, proposed guidelines as well as recommendations for future researchers to align PPIs with national or even local cultures in various society samples to promote well-being in the Arab world.
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