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Constantin Holzer and Eunhye Lee
East Asian Trade Association(EATA)
An Inquiry into Synergies and Tensions between the EU Connectivity Strategy for Asia and China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Journal of Global Business and Trade
In Press
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Belt and Road (BRI), China, Connectivity Strategy, EU, Rules-based
Findings – This paper identifies both key differences as well as synergies between the BRI and the EU Connectivity Strategy. The EU Connectivity Strategy for Asia and China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) share similar goals in boosting sustainable growth and trade across the continents through investments in critical infrastructure. A sense of competition between the BRI and the Connectivity Strategy has the potential to change both initiatives for the better, however stronger commitment from the part of the EU will be necessary if it wants to be able to provide an alternative to China’s development model in third countries and sustain its privileged position as the world’s largest trading block. Research Implications – This article wants to foster pragmatic and goal-oriented dialogue between the EU and China that can lead to shared principles of connectivity. The key question is to what extent will the EU be able to respond to geopolitical realities and craft a rules-based alternative to China’s state-led economic development plan.
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