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De la Garza, Armida; Maher, Cliona
2022 Unknown
Reimaginar la Internacionalización del Curriculo: Mejores Prácticas y Posibilidades Prometedoras
La Internacionalización del Currículo con Apoyo de Asociaciones Estratégicas
Universidad de Guadalajara
In Press
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Internationalisation of the curriculum, strategic partners, interdisciplinarity, South-North collaboration, de-colonisation of the curriculum, cross-internationalisation
Internationalisation of the curriculum through strategic partnership has distinctive advantages: it involves the pooling of resources, both financial and human, to achieve common goals, drawing on strengths and making the most of complementarity, so that the partnership becomes significantly more than the sum of its parts. It simultaneously provides solid benchmarking tools, found in the partner. It can provide a sound basis for de-colonising the curriculum, promoting South-North dialogue. As this article makes clear, Latin American Higher Education Institutions have for a long time faced crises and challenges that European institutions are now beginning to face too, such as having to integrate refugee/displaced students, or dealing with reduced budgets by prioritising online collaboration and virtual exchange. There is plenty of scope to learn from each other when internationalizing the curriculum in tandem. Building bi-regional academic cooperation involves the development of meaningful and ethical engagement between partners with shared agendas that coincide on bi-regional priorities.
Leask, Betty; Torres-Hernández, Marcela; Bustos-Aguirre, Magdalena L.; de Wit, Hans.
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