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De la Garza, Armida
Dinamicas Da Paisagem: Entre A Realidade O Desejo
Landscape Film as Botanic Garden: Displaying the Irish Flora in 'Ryan's Daughter'
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Nature; Film; Ireland; Botanic garden; Interdisciplinarity.
Fidalgo, Pedro
Sintra, Portugal
Landscape and ideas about nature have been important for cultural identity formation and for the idea of national heritage. In the UK, botanical gardens that displayed the rich flora of overseas were long deployed to mix scientific and political discourses that helped to construct its imperial prestige, while conferring upon visitors a sense of high social status, through their aesthetic consumption. Similarly, films that display flowers can be considered to be displacing nature from the forest-into the screen - and re-arranging it to impart a specific order on the apparent chaos of the wild, by means of their narrative. For if botanic gardens seek to create spaces that will educate the mind while pleasing the senses, historical films too seek to educate while entertaining, and in some instances such as Ryan’s Daughter discussed here, nature (in particular flowers), is recruited to this end. Flowers play an unusually significant role in the mis-en-scene. This article places the film in the context of the director’s work and discusses the role of various plants and flowers, from the perspective of their symbolic meanings and as scientific and economic natural resources. It proposes an interdisciplinary approach, for a more thorough understanding of historical landscape cinema.
Faculdade de Ciências Socias e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa
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