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Saab M.M.;FitzGerald S.;Noonan B.;Kilty C.;Collins A.;Lyng .;Kennedy U.;O'Brien M.;Hegarty J.
Promoting lung cancer awareness, help-seeking and early detection: a systematic review of interventions
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cancer community based intervention health education intervention prevention
Lung cancer (LC) is the leading cause of cancer death. Barriers to the early presentation for LC include lack of symptom awareness, symptom misappraisal, poor relationship with doctors and lack of access to healthcare services. Addressing such barriers can help detect LC early. This systematic review describes the effect of recent interventions to improve LC awareness, help-seeking and early detection. This review was guided by the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions. Electronic databases MEDLINE, CINAHL, ERIC, APA PsycARTICLES, APA PsycInfo and Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection were searched. Sixteen studies were included. Knowledge of LC was successfully promoted in most studies using educational sessions and campaigns. LC screening uptake varied with most studies successfully reducing decision conflicts using decision aids. Large campaigns, including UK-based campaign 'Be Clear on Cancer', were instrumental in enhancing LC awareness, promoting help-seeking and yielding an increase in chest X-rays and a decrease in the number of individuals diagnosed with advanced LC. Multimodal public health interventions, such as educational campaigns are best suited to raise awareness, reduce barriers to help-seeking and help detect LC early. Future interventions ought to incorporate targeted information using educational resources, face-to-face counselling and video- and web-based decision aids.
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